Green Energy Future Central Asia 2020

Green Energy Future Central Asia 2020

GEFCA 2020 presents a hybrid business platform that brings together Central Asia’s Solar, Wind and Hydropower industry to identify solutions and strategies to foster a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy mix for the region. This prestigious conference and networking event will present the latest regional strategic insights, with a sophisticated program of outstanding international speakers, and exclusive networking with top-level industry experts. 1,000+ professionals are expected to attend GEFCA 2020, while 80+ industry leaders take to the GEFCA stage, to share their expertise and current viewpoints on Central Asia's future role within the global Green Energy market. With networking at its core, your GEFCA experience will connect you with many of Central Asia's most influential energy professionals, for meaningful interconnectivity to impact your business' future growth.

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Renewable Energy Potential:

1.A large portfolio of Renewables with a total investment of 20 billion USD in Uzbekistan

2. 7 new solar projects, 2 new wind projects and 42 new hydropower projects scheduled for construction.

3. Tender announcement for construction of the solar power plant.

4. Opportunities for developing wind power plants to achieve 302 MW according to government’s target.

5. 24 HPPs Under Construction and 18 HPPs which is modernization in Uzbekistan, and the government sets ambitious goals with 1240MW by 2025.

2020 Key Topics:

  • Adapting processes as to achieve new government goals
  • Efforts by governments to emerge a power of culture to inspire change for good
  • Managing policy processes
  • Keeping up with the technology advances
  • Adapting your business model to changing markets
  • 2020 Highlights:
  • Engage and network with world-class developers and investors
  • Immerse yourself in the latest conference themes
  • Have access to the online 1-1 meeting booking service
  • Experience the latest technologies
  • Contact us:

    Cami Wang | E: | T: 86 21 6419 9870

    Дата начала мероприятия:
    Дата окончания мероприятия:
    Место проведения:
    Hyatt Regency Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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