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“Systems and Technologies” in the contact with young specialists and the government

On August 28th Russian youth educational forum “Territory of senses on the Klyazma River” finished. The group of companies “Systems and Technologies” took part in it, too. The forum united more than 6000 of students and graduate students of profile profession lines, young specialists and representatives of domestic production companies.
For the last 6 shifts more than 200 guests of honor took part in it. Among them there were prominent state and public men, top managers of large companies and top experts, too.

During the forum lectures, panel discussions, discussions of key tasks were organized, an exhibition of progressive domestic technologies in different industries of economy was also organized.

President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the forum during the first shift. While going along the exhibition, which was organized at the forum, the President got acquainted with leading elaborations of young specialists in the field of IT-technologies and visited a display with elaborations of “Systems and Technologies”.

Chairman of board of directors of the group of companies “Systems and Technologies” Vyacheslav Dolgikh told the President about the newest intellectual platform for clever cities and large enterprises. The system allows to provide work of power and municipal infrastructure of cities and enterprises in the most energy efficient regimes and also to increase its energy safety. Its heart, a situational control center, allows to carry out an on-line monitoring and analytics of the all elements of the systems of city life support and this fact increases their reliability and allows to eliminate possible supernumerary situations and emergency more operatively.

During the discussion with the President Vyacheslav Dolgikh said: “Our own decisions are the basis for the development of projects “An energy efficient clever city” on the whole territory of Russia. Realization of such projects with the use of our systems is an important step on the way to increase comfort of life of the population. But the most important thing is increase of efficiency of costs onto energy resources by 15-30%, improvement of the ecology and energy safety of infrastructure of cities and large enterprises”.

For the last 10 years equipment and software of the group of companies “Systems and Technologies” have been inculcated in more than 50% of power engineering in Russia. Nowadays the company has been already realizing 54 projects behind the North Arctic Circle.
Vladimir Putin was interested in elaborations of the group of companies in the use of satellite system “GLONASS”. Vyacheslav Dolgikh told about participation of “Systems and Technologies” in formation of a navigational system. “Nowadays our technologies and devices work as well as they did 5 years ago”, he said.

Vladimir Putin drew attention to the importance of the development and support of domestic companies which work out IT-technologies and equipment. The President emphasized that Russia had a competitive advantage in that field and we had to develop collaboration with all the countries of the world in that industry. It is necessary to support promotion of our technologies and equipment to foreign markets.
Besides, during the forum the display of the group of companies “Systems and Technologies” was visited by top-managers of large companies and representatives of the government, among whom there was Minister of Communications and Mass Communications Nickolay Nickiforov, Minister of Education and Science Dmitriy Livanov, First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov and other political figures.

The organizers of Russian youth educational forum “Territory of senses on the Klyazma River” were the Federal Agency for Youth, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and “Rospatriotcentr” of Rosmolodezh.

“Participation in such events gives a good opportunity to show to the society and authorities the best domestic elaborations in different industries of economy. “Systems and Technologies”, as a progressive integrator of solutions in the system “A clever city” in the field of power engineering, has demonstrated real opportunities of inculcation of domestic technologies”, general director of the group of companies “Systems and Technologies” Evgeniy Dikov said.

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