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New Russian enterprises: results of the first half-year in 2015

In June 158 new enterprises (factories, plants, warehouses, separate lines and so on) appeared in Russia. This index fully coincide with a result of the first six months of the last year (160 enterprises), but more working places have been done- 16731 ( in the first quarter in 2014- 15087).The announced volume of investments is 271 billion rubles. It it lower than last year (380,3 billion), but an average result for the last 4 years. That is why we can’t say speak about any abatement.

This year in the attached table we began to mark with colour the enterprises, whose products are import substituting (there are 17 of such for a half-year), and the enterprises with a foreign participation or fully foreign owners (there are 30 of them). In the table you can also see a percentage correlation of new production by industries. The first place belongs to the food industry- 26,6%, the second- to the building industry (21, 5%), the third is shared by the mechanical engineering and radio-electronical and electrotechnical (each has 11,4%).

The main bulk of new enterprises start to work in the second half-year, that is why we will be able  to judge of incipient tendencies for sure.

In the attached table there is primary available information about the new enterprises. We took this information from open sources (links to the sources are pointed). Of course, the real numbers are usually 10-15% higher. We don’t take into consideration the enterprises with a volume of investments less than 15 million rubles.

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